Mysterious celeb deaths...!!!

On June 3, 2013 Jiah Khan was found dead in her house in Mumbai. The industry was shocked. First reports suggested suicide; but later her mother Rabia Khan came out in the open and blamed Suraj Pancholi for her daughter's death. Suraj was arrested and then later let go. The question remains, did Jiah commit suicide? We are not sure.


On 5 April 1993 Divya Bharati who was recently married to producer Sajid Nadiadwala fell to her death from her five-storey apartment in Versova. Despite much speculation – was it suicide? was it murder? – the investigation reached a dead end and the case was closed in 1998.


On 10 October, 1964, Guru Dutt succeeded with his third suicide attempt. When found dead in his rented flat at Peddar Road, the actor-director of some of the most acclaimed movies from the Hindi film industry (‘Kaagaz ke Phool’ and ‘Pyaasa’ being his two most cherished creations), was suspected of an overdose of sleeping pills mixed with alcohol.

Nafisa Joseph hanged herself in her Versova pad on July 29, 2004. A botched love affair was said to be the reason for her depression, even though her fiancé-to-be made it quite clear that he had no role to play, the police reports throws a shadow of doubt towards him

Silk Smitha was found dead in her apartment in Chennai. A botched up love affair, failure as a producer and acute alcoholism were cited as the reasons for her suicide. But there were many who said it was murder.


The Mauritius-born model became a household name in the 1990s thanks to the Kama Sutra campaign. As her modeling career began to fade, she attempted to start fresh in Bombay with an innings in event management. On June 25, 2010, she was found hanging from a ceiling fan. A notebook in her room had a page that read, “You Killed Me, Gautam Vohra.” This again highlighted Babajee’s instability for a regular break-up had unhinged her so badly.

Parveen Babi was so paranoid that she would only consume Coca Cola and eggs, the only two items she believed her would-be assassins could not contaminate. She was found dead in her apartment with complications related to diabetes in 2004.

Meena Kumari was an amazing actress - but her personal life was full of small troubles. A peg of brandy which began as a relaxing drink led to many pegs and finally liver cirrhosis – her fights with husband Kamal Amrohi over many things added to all the other woes

Priya Rajvansh had been Chetan Anand’s live-in companion for many years. After Anand’s death, she inherited some property along with Chetan Anand’s sons Ketan Anand and Vivek Anand. Rajvansh’s handwritten letters nailed veteran actor Dev Anand’s nephews who, in connivance with their employees, killed Priya Rajvansh. In her last days, Rajvansh wrote anxiety-ridden letters fearing for her life, a premonition that indeed came true on that fatal night. All her killers were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in July 2002.

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