Sajid Khan's Humshakals Becomes Butt Of Jokes...!!!

Sajid Khan is back in the news after his slapstick comedy Humshakals bombed at the box office. Although the movie got the 3rd highest opening of 2014, the movie went flat again as the multi-starrer film failed to win hearts of the audience. Like his previous flop, Himmatwala, Sajid Khan had hope in this Saif, Riteish and Ram Kapoor starring film, Humshakals. However, the arrogant director is facing the same scenario again as Humshakals flopped miserably.

 After the debacle, Sajid Khan and Humshakals has become a butt of jokes on social networking sites. The film got 1, 1.5 stars max! Some people have also given 0 stars as well! Humshakals with its slapstick comedy has become a butt of jokes on social networking platform. Miserable, torture, disappointing etc are the words used by audience who watched Humshakals.

Here are some of the jokes on Humshakals that were seen at the social networking sites.

Humshakals giving a tough competition to Himmatwaala at the box office..Sajid Khan must be happy.

Even Himmatwala cannot watch

#Humshakals Humshakals is a waste of Money and time. What a torture

Censor Board asks #SajidKhan to keep a gap of 5 years between his films to allow recovery from earlier ones.

Sajid Khan is emerging as the king of disastrous films.

A moment of silence for all those who are going to watch #Humshakals.

Humshakals released today. Stay at home. Lock the doors, or #Sajidkhan may drag u to to the theater & make u watch his another masterpiece.

Sajid Khan is actually promoting anti piracy by making such movies.

Breaking: Govt has decided to station 2 ambulances outside every multiplex screening

These are some of the jokes that were shared on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. There is no doubt that Sajid Khan and Humshakals will become a butt of jokes as the movie is a disaster! In fact some people have said that Sajid Khan and Humshakals must be sued for for cruelty to audience.


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