Ness Wadia case: I saw bruises on Preity Zinta’s arm, alleges key witness...!!!

Actress Preity Zinta, who has accused her former boyfriend Ness Wadia of abusing and threatening her, has apparently shown her bruises to her neighbour.

An Indian Express report says that a neighbour of the actress has told police that she showed him bruises on her arm on May 31, a day after she was allegedly molested and abused by Ness Wadia.

Quoting the actress' neighbour Danish Merchant, who is a builder by profession, the report adds that he went to meet her the next day. She showed a bruise on her elbow that she got when Ness grabbed and pulled her. She also reportedly asked him if this is how you treat a girl?

Police sources have revealed that Mr Merchant is one of the four key witnesses of the incident that happened on May 30 at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, during an IPL match. He has already given a statement to the police and said that he was seated at the Garware Pavilion where the incident occurred. He has told police that he saw American national Jean intervene when Ness grabbed Preity's arm and heard Jean tell Ness to back off and stay away from her.

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