10 Movies that say Nagarjuna is the Real Trend Setter...!!!

1. Geethanjali

There are Love Stories that make you smile. There are Love stories that make you cry. And then there is Geethanjali.

Geethanjali (1989)

2. Shiva

If you haven't tried to pull out a cycle chain after watching this film, you are lying.


3. Govinda Govinda

Why make only a cult scene, when you can make a whole cult film? This flick from the 90s is still a TV winner every time it's aired on the television.


4. Hello Brother

In an age where dual roles were about to sound boring, the king just thought otherwise.

Hello Brother

5. Ninne Pelladatha

A complete family entertainer, the director of this evergreen flick was mobbed by producers to pen similar scripts. But little did they know, the rest will remain mere copies.

6. Annamayya

When everyone believed devotional movies would cease to exit after the golden age of NTR and ANR, the king surprised everyone.


7. Manmadhudu

Irony is, the king acts as a guy who hates women, and the girls of the state were all crazy for him.

8. Mass

You can be badass. But you will never be as badass as calling the villain and giving him the dates of his ultimate downfall to come.


9. Gaganam

Commercial? No. Formulaic? No. Songs for the Masses? No. This one gem of a flick has trend setter written all over it.

10. Manam

One flick that will shine in the history of Telugu cinema; this has to be seen to be believed.


Next up is Manmadhudu 2 and upcoming Bollywood movie Brahmastra, Nag playing an important role.

The king seems to roll by only one rule. 'Change is the only constant.'

We wait with bated breath for the surprises he has in store for us.

Before the King, cycle chains were just used by mechanics. devotional flicks were outdated, 40s were when you stopped making the girls go into a frenzy and the Red camera was just another new camera. And we all know what happened after him.

And the journey's only halfway. There is much more to come.


All we can say is, 'All hail the KING'.


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