Versatility + Talent = Chiyaan Vikram

“Chiyaan Vikram" a person who can go to any extent for a role. He has proved it multiple times by accepting roles that none of his peers will. That’s the dedication he shows if he likes a character.

He was born to an aspiring actor who failed to become one. That inspired him to take on theatre & dance classes at an early stage. He started to appear in theatre at an early stage which helped him a lot to improve as an actor. While returning from an event where he won as the Best Actor, he got hit by a truck where he got a serious leg injury. Doctors said that he might lose his leg. After 23 surgeries and three years of rest, he got back up, completed his degree & began to pursue his dream as an actor.

He gave his debut as an actor in a low budget love story named En Kadhal Kanmani which was a commercial failure. After this, it took 9 years for Vikram to get a break. He almost signed on as the lead in Bombay but lost it because of his beard. He was asked to remove it by Mani Ratnam but since it’d affect his another film. In these 9 years, he took on many roles in Malayalam & Telugu which were all failures. He didn’t lose his hope at any point in these 9 years. He even dubbed for stars like Prabhu Deva, Abbas & Ajith.

It was 1997. A new director was searching for a lead for his debut film. It needed the lead to shave his head, grow long nails and lose an immense amount of weight. Vikram agreed to do the film. The director is Bala & the film is Sethu. It released in 1999 in only one theatre which grew to several in a few days only with the word of the mouth. Vikram always says that this film changed his life and it put him on a right path. He even today is known by his character’s name in Sethu aka Chiyaan.

Post Sethu, he did many films which were both commercial & critically successful. He did many intense films which demand a great actor.

No can fill his shoes in films like Pithamagan in which he played a gravedigger with autism, a lawyer & a lot more in Anniyan aka Aparichitudu which gained him lots of fans in the Telugu States. He sunbathed everyday for a sunburnt look and got dizzying headaches while practising to look blind for Kasi. In the film Deiva Thirimagal (Nanna), he played an adult who has a mental age of 6 years. His films may fail but he as an actor is always praised.

 He proved himself as an actor when Raavanan (Tamil) was a success while it’s Bollywood counterpart miserably failed at the box office. This proves he brings a lot to the table as an actor. The choice of his films show how versatile he is as an actor.

He doesn’t like his original name, Kennedy. So taking “Vi” from his father’s name, “K” from Kennedy, “Ra” from his mother’s name & “ram” from his sun sign, Aries, he composed the name Vikram & uses it as a screen name.

He plays as a body builder, a beast, a model & a hunchback for the film “I”. He built his body immensely for the body builder role, lost some of his weight for the model, remove a teeth & even reduced to his weight by 25 kilos for the hunchback role. He went on this roller coaster ride of weight shifting for two & a half years. Such is his dedication towards his profession. He told on multiple occasions that he’s not in it for the money but for the challenge each roles gives him. He even gives back some or all of the money if the film doesn’t run well.

Chiyaan’s one of the most decorated actors in all of Tamil Cinema. He won a National award for his portrayal as a gravedigger in Pithamagan joining the ranks of MGR, Kamal Haasan, Dhanush & Prakashraj. He also won seven Filmfare Awards out of which five are Best Actor Awards.

Most of all, he’s where he is all because of his fans. He dosen’t forget that for a second. On multiple occasions, we see him interacting with his fans closely. He is considered as a man of bodies due the gestures he does for his fans.

He breaks all the boundaries for a role if he likes it. Be it physical or emotional, there’s not a single role that Chiyaan can’t act!

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