5 Reasons Why SAAHO is Special

Hello, let's talk about Saaho movie today. What are the stakes, expectations and few facts about SAAHO !

1) The Ss Rajamouli Effect:  Even if we agree on it or not. After doing A FILM with Rajamouli, "The Hero's next films are huge diasasters!

For "Jr Ntr" - Subbu After Student No 1 ; Andhrawala after Simhadri And Kantri after Yamadonga
In the case of "Ram Charan" - Orange after Magadheera
And also for "Prabhas" - Pournami which came after Chatrapathi was a huge disaster !

There are various reasons for why these films flopped and the main reason I feel is they didn't shoot for the stars and tried to do different films! Basically we can say that " after a Rajamouli film, A hero's stardom increases by 10 times !
And the next project should help make the stardom bigger " & we Truly Believe SAAHO is Exactly that after Baahubali !

2) Budget : For good or bad, after Baahubali, The Telugu market opened a lot and our budgets increased likewise !

And Coming to Saaho Various reports state that the budget is between 200-300 Crores.So let's say it is around 250 crores, Even then Saaho is the highest budgeted movie in Tollywood because according to the makers of Baahubali It's budget was around 350 Crores for both Parts..We can also call Saaho as the highest budgeted action film In India! Because Baahubali was a fantasy film and a new world was needed to be recreated,But Here Saaho takes place in the present !

3) Director Sujeeth'S Second Film

A short film Director that means starting from Zero Budget slowly increasing to 10K, 15K 25k maximum upto 50 Thousand..Entering a short film competition, winning it and earned his first film offer
That film is "Run Raja Run" at a Budget of 5 Crores!

And then a film with 'Prabhas was on cards,This happened before Baahubali But then as you know the entire scenario changed."A film which was just thought as a action entertainer now turned into a 250 crore Film!
Just Imagine A '5 Crore budget for the first film and now a 250 Crore Film!

I can't even imagine how he felt The Pressure, But I really think with those great technicians he will really kick it and make us proud

4) First Tollywood Pan India film that is banking on the Hero's Image


After Baahubali released the name "Prabhas" created a sensation, But before the film's release the tag used outside the twin states (Telugu) was India's Biggest Film and SS Rajamouli.
And In the case of SAAHO the entire thing is running ONLY BECAUSE OF "PRABHAS"..The only reason the makers were able to put in the huge budget, People buy the ticket only because of him.He is the primary crowd puller
As stated in the first point The Film "SAAHO" is being made giving respect to his stardom and his present image!

***PRABHAS's Good nature***

Fun Fact : After watching Run Raja Run Prabhas himself asked Sujeeth to write a story, This was way before Baahubali released, Sujeeth thought he really didn't mean it and didn't take it seriously.Then after 6 Months at some Party Prabhas asked Sujeeth about the progress of the story and that's when Sujeeth started writing Saaho

Then Baahubali released and Prabhas become a national icon
After the first BB Part release many people may have told him "Is it correct to work with Sujeeth because he is just one film old & working with a seasoned Director is better, But Prabhas stood on his word
Looking at the released Teaser & making Promos we can say that Prabhas made the right decision.

5) To prove that Baahubali is not just a one time wonder from The Telugu Industry

The best is Yet to come!

Entire India especially North India when it comes to Telugu films they look very low of it and that's a Fact!

After Baahubali the entire scenario changed!
Baahubali 2 by all means collected a massive 510 Crore followed by Dangal with 370 Crores which means a huge difference of 140 Crore & the biggest Hit in the Hindi industry is a dubbed film & it's Hero is Prabhas Raju!

And as Saaho is his next after Baahubali It definitely has to be grand, because if it doesn't do well again people will dub the industry as a one time wonder with Baahubali! And we really hope this will be a unforgettable film in a good way ofcourse!

And last the makers of Saaho "UV Creations" are taking a far more risk than that of Baahubali! Because Baahubali is a fantasy film with native references while Saaho is a Contemporary Action Thriller! So they are more brave, As they say "Luck Favours the Brave" So let's hope that this Film reaches great heights and make the Telugu Industry to reach every corner of the world!
                                                                                                                                                           - Team Thyview

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