Avengers Tollywood Edition !

We Compared Tollywood actors  based on their Abilities, Looks etc. Take a Look!

Iron Man - Pawan Kalyan

-- Attitude, Craze & Records 

-- One of the Top in Respective Industries

Captain America - Mahesh Babu

-- Calm, Following & Charm

-- Always Gives Their Best !

Thor - Prabhas

-- DemiGods Fot their people!

-- Masuclar men with Hearts Of Gold 

Nick Fury - Nagarjuna

-- Has been in the field for a long time, Experienced in Everything.

Black Panther - RamCharan

-- Dark Horses & Underestimated But Always Shine,Heir to the Thrones

Hawk Eye - Allu Arjun

-- Comes to Aid when someone Needs Them The Most 

Mantis - Samantha 

-- Beautoful, Cute & Audience Love Their Expressions

Star Lord - JR.NTR

-- Came from One of the Most Powerful Background, Yet Proved their talent by themselves, Loves to dance & Makes the audience Feel the Energy 

Bucky Barnes - Ram

-- Was a Boyscout Once, Circumstanced Didnt Favour, Now Back to Form

Captain Marvel - Anushka 

-- Most Powerful & Inspirational Superstars

Loki - Adivi Sesh

-- Toggles Between Hero & Villain According to the situation

Raccoon - RaviTeja

-- Sarcastic, Loved by All & Hard working !

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