1. Ned Stark's beheading

For first time watchers we all loved the Noble  Ned Stark and we thought that he was the main lead.
His beheading came as a surprise for fans all around

2. Red Wedding

Undoubtedly one of the most dreadful and disturbing sequence in Television history
We saw many characters die in the same scene ! Such cruel act was totally unexpected

3. Joffrey's death

One of the most awful villains in TV is Joffrey Baratheon. Every single one hated him. Moreover he died in his incestuous parents arms was a relief and Happy Moment for audience

4. Jon snow Death

If this isn't the best cliffhanger I don't know what is !
The main lead stabbed to death by his own men was unexpected 
His resurrection made him the man he is now!

5. Battle of Bastards 

Jon Snow with his northern alliance and wildlings versus the psychopath Ramsay Bolton!
Best battle scenes shot on GOT
This scene is Favorite for many!

6. Cersei Blast at Kings Landing

Cersei with help of Qyburn set off tonnes of wildfire under the Sept of Baelor during Margeary's trial blowing up everyone in it
It also led to her son Tommen's suicide

7. Hodor

His dialogue all the seasons was the same 
He stayed with Bran till the end 
And we got to know the reason behind Hodor
His death was so depressing.

8. Viserion Death

The three dragons on the show were very famous. Out of which Viserion the most
We didn't expect it to die soon
Now turned into Night King's wight dragon!

9. Aegon Targaryen

Out of all the unexpected stuff from the show
Jon Snow actually being Aegon Targaryen was the most unexpected
Totally changed the dynamics of the show and brought on a new perspective

10. Arya vs Night King

Destroying Winterfell. Killing Theon and most of the army , the Night King couldn't have expected his fate of dying in the hands of Arya Stark
Proving all fan theories wrong
Set a benchmark for writing in TV industry

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