Best Comedy TV Series

Master of none

The personal and professional life of dev, A 30 year old actor in New York

The office 

A mockumentary on a group of typical office workers, where the work consists of ego clashes,  inappropriate behaviour and tedium

That 70's show

What's more fun then watching a teen show.
The series which made Aston Kutcher & Mila Kunis stars


Before friends or any other TV series out there these guys are king of comedy

Two and a half men

Best TV series to watch with guy friends. A story of two brothers where one is womanizer and other is a loser

How I met your mother 

 For 70 % people this their first sitcom. Story of 5 friends in new york. 
Series highlight : Barney Stinson

The big-bang theory

Well they are nerds but they are fun. AND then you have Kaley Cucuo.
Series highlight - Sheldon Cooper

Modern Family 

A perfect series to watch with your girlfriend. A middle aged couple, her old father is married to a super hot young woman and her brother is gay.
Series highlight : these kids are super fun


For many it's their fav show
20s to 30s - Golden years in a person's life. 
Series highlight : Joey & Chandler

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