Puri Jagannadh's Journey will inspire you for sure !!

Puri is not that good with studies

so his father sent him to hyd

with money to do films.He worked as asst director for rgv

After lots of struggle he got a chance to meet pk. 

He loved the whole story but thing is he didn't

like the climax and asked him to change it but next day he came with same climax

pk liked his confidence and gave him chance.

during a shoot in lavanya's home he saw

her and fell for her at first sight

he sent his visiting card later she fell for him her nick name is pandu

this is the reason behind mb name in pokiris confidence and gave him chance

puri admires his guru a lot. 

His ideas and

creativity he learnt them from rgv

he also completed film in

short span like rgv

once akash puri asked him to buy a car for him during 10th class.

 puri said u should learn to live on roads. u should learn to stay hungry or else we can't sustain .akash cried whole day that's how he raised his children

he loves animals more than human beings he trusted his frnds a lot and signed on cheque books.

 They cheated him. Later he sold his 6 dogs he loved them a lot he did many movies to pay his debts so he never trusts human

in reality also he says same.

he always gives his best.

during penning a story

but it's how audience receive it

business man neninthe ila chala

cinema lo neethulu cheptaru.

satirical ga untai anukuntam

but adhe reality and tanu rasina

dialogues max tanu feel ayi rasinave

it takes 6 months to develop a story for an avg writer.

 But puri takes only 2 weeks to complete a story. One week for story and other for dialogues. He pens then in bangkok beach be it hit or flop he finishes them in 2 weeks

he's one such director who does both big budget & small budget films.

 Once dasari narayana rao garu gave him a suggestion. Now that you are a star director you are directing big budget films. Try to make small films also. If you are in failure phase you should do that only. So if you direct both types you won't feel different when even in failure.

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